Women’s History Month 2019 - Daily Profiles on Social Media

For Women’s History Month, we are running profiles on historical women printers, librarians, archivists, and cataloguers. Using the hashtag #31daysofwomensbookhistory, we will collect tweets below (and those that others add to the conversation). These will also be posted on our Facebook. For those that do not prefer to use social media, this is a feed of all of the tweets that use this hashtag in chronological order. To see additional sections of the profile, click the link on the lead Tweet. We will be preserving many of these stories, eventually, in a monograph.

In addition to the daily profiles, we have offered a reflection on “What does it mean to teach a feminist book history?” for March Sammelband, here. We invite others to mediate on the question, either in a full-length piece or just a few sentences. We are happy to link to where these meditations are posted or post them ourselves.